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Homecoming Queen Retreat

Supporting and Empowering you back to self, for your future to start today!

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How do you come home to self, if you don't know who you are?


How do you take control, if you don't know your own boundaries?


How do you manifest your dream life, if you can't define your dreams?


We are stronger together.

We are a mother and daughter team that through our own life experiences, self development, professional evolution and studies have developed the ability to adapt modalities around your story, your pain and your journey to guide you to resurrect your inner knowing and learn to trust yourself again.
Energetically combining some of the oldest, most widely used natural therapies from around the world to achieve healing of the mind, body and soul.
Using different modalities of Reiki, Divine Energetics, Intuitive Healing, Sound Healing, Wiccan Practices, Essential oils, Crystal Therapy, Flower essences and more, through working with advanced sciences and the movement of vibrational energy, to provide your body the conditions it needs to heal and able to delve into your subconscious to open a portal of healing to find harmony within you.
Whether it be emotional healing, physical healing, inner-child nurturing, soul realignment, spiritual healing and intuitive guidance, or just relaxation, playfulness, finding your creative, connecting to your higher self and soul purpose.
We are the Tribe for you.
Bringing the value of your inner beauty out to empower, inspire and heal your soul.
Accredited as a Reiki Healer, Divine Energetic Practitioner, Spiritual Conduit and MunaKi Shaman; we have the ability to help you physically and vibrationally transform the areas of your life in which you seek deepest desires.
What Healing modalities do we use?
Crystal Sound Bath Healing
Reiki Healing
Conscious Coaching
Intuitive Readings
Creative Therapies
Human Design Readings
Energetic Cord Cutting
Ritual and Routine Development
Essential Oil Therapy
Muscle Testing
Chakra Clearing and Balancing
RAS and NLP Coaching
Spiritual Guidance and Awakening
Sacred Space Meditation Circle
Sacred Plant Medicine
Witch Way Workshops
New Moon and Full Moon Workshops
Munay Ki Rites
Womb Healings
Soulful Retreats

Retreats: Welcome

October 21-22-23

Join Sandy from Authentic Mumma's Healing & Natasha from Briella Beautiful

  • 2 nights accommodation in the Beautiful Somerset Region

  • Friday - AT & Dinner, Saturday - Breakfast, MT, Lunch, AT & Dinner, Sunday - Breakfast

  • 2 days of interactive self development and soul searching work

  • Connect with a tribe of women just like you looking for connection, community and consciousness

  • 2 Motivated, Empowering and Authentic Coaches to support, hold space and encourage you to be the queen you are!

Included is 

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Practices to ground you back to self

  • Establish an achievable daily routine to take you from I’ll do that one day, too TODAY

  • How to get clear when you're in the haze! When Stress, Anxiety & Depression take over, how will you come back to self?

  • Complete Manifestation Kit to take home!

  • Create a connection to your finances and build your money story to attract abundance and freedom in your new life

  • Healthy Habits and Self Care tracker to plan how you will maintain your higher self into your new life

  • Make your own healthy food options that are easy to recreate. Take the recipes home!

You will take home

  • A workbook that you can maintain into your new life

  • A Journal to continue your journey within

  • Your own creations with crystals, herbs, and essential oils

  • A manifestation kit to turn your dreams into reality

  • An abundance of knowledge about yourself 

  • A beautiful tribe of queens to turn to, support you and empower you in your new life

  • A powerful connection to your higher self

Retreats: About

In essence a complete Homecoming

Investment from you

$888 Paid in Full

$1088 Pay it Off

Deposit $200

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Secure your spot now!

We can't wait to glow with you!!

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